Paul at the Paradox LR

Paul Van Kemenade has his own Youtube channel, check it out !

Now we have at last our own Youtube channel with lots of videos from past and present with an overview of concerts, interviews, aftermovies and teasers. Lots of Van Kemenade's various and different projects are shown on theYoutube channel. You can see and listen all kinds of videos, check it out here           

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Zuid Nederlands Workshop Orkest 1.0 gaat van start op 15 januari 2018 o.l.v. Jeroen Doomernik en Paul van Kemenade in Paradox Tilburg.

Op 15 januari 2018 is de kick-off van een nieuw op te richten workshop voor jonge musici tussen 15 en 25 jaar onder de noemer Zuid Nederlands Workshop Orkest. In de provincies Noord-Brabant, Limburg en Zeeland worden jongeren geworven die deel willen nemen in het workshoporkest. Onder de gezamenlijke en bezielende leiding van maar liefst twee zeer ervaren musici en workshopleiders Jeroen Doomernik uit Den Bosch ( Jazz Academy) en de Tilburgse altist Paul van Kemenade  vinden er tot zomer ...

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Trio Portugal-Van Kemenade-Van 't Hof

Portugal - Van Kemenade - Van 't Hof on tour may 17 till may 28 in 2018

Next year 2018 the new trio with Brazilian drummer Mariá Portugal, keyboardist & sampler Jasper Van 't Hof and altoist Paul Van Kemenade will be on tour and available for festivals between may 17 and may 28. They will perform in duo and trio and their cd DAYTIME SKETCHES  has been very well reviewed worldwide. Contact the office for updates and bookings....

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Van Kemenade (4) Guy van de poel

Van Kemenade touring in fall/winter 2017, spring 2018 in Poland, China, Russia, Germany, Norway, West Africa, NL.

Quite a busy fall/winter 2017 and spring 2018 for Van Kemenade, he will be touring 3x in Poland this year ( summer and october); he is playing several concerts at the Jazz & World Music Festival in Nanjing China in october 2017; he will be playing 10 concerts in Russia at the Jazzprovince Jazzfestival in november 2017; concerts with a altosax/pipe organ at the November Music Festival; several Stranger than Paranoia concerts in december 2017; in january 2018 ...

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Anderson-Bennink-Van Kemenade-Glerum 4 (photo by Frank Schindelbeck) 3800p

Van Kemenade (inter)national bands & projects for bookings, jubilee concerts october 06 Theaters Tilburg & october 07 Bimhuis Amsterdam

We offer our bands and projects worldwide: Quartet Ray Anderson-Han Bennink-Ernst Glerum-Paul van Kemenade, Trio Mariá Maria Portugal-Paul Van Kemenade-Jasper van 't Hof, Duo Stevko Busch-Van Kemenade, Van Kemenade's Three Horns and a Bass (Boudesteijn-Verploegen-Mahieu-Van Kemenade), Van Kemenade quintet & South Africans Faku-Mnisi-Mhlanga, Podium Trio (Wierbos-Van Kemenade-Kuiper) on request with Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Cornell Rochester,  Van Kemenade c.s. + renaisance ensemble Cappella Pratensis and more.....  In the year 2017 Van Kemenade celebrates 40 years as a professional musician and 25 years festival Stranger than Paranoia. For bookings and ...

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Van Kemenade 40 years october 04 at Paradox, october 06 at Theaters Tilburg, october 07 at Bimhuis Amsterdam

This year 2017 celebrates altoist-composer-bandleader-organizer Paul Van Kemenade (1957) his 40 year of professional musicanship and 25 year edition of the festival Stranger than Paranoia. He celebrates this at the Paradox in Tilburg october 4 in small international settings Tickets Paradox october 4 . A big gala night with international musicians from all over the world at october 06 at Theaters Tilburg, click HERE for the 1 minute teaser with all performing artists at october 06 2017  Tickets Theaters Tilburg october ...

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Timeline / tijdlijn Paul van Kemenade

A timeline with the highlights of the career of Van Kemenade has been made by graphic designer Hans Lodewijkx. The timeline start in 1974 and is clearly and beautifully shaped. There is a physical version as well as a digital version. If you're curious to see, click on read more and the link Poster PvK_web timeline . Er is een tijdlijn gemaakt van Paul van Kemenade gemaakt met hoogtepunten uit zijn gehele carriere en deze tijdlijn is prachtig vorm ...

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asm019830_B5A2413 (2400x1600 pixels - 300 dpi)

Aart Bergwerff & Van Kemenade, new project with pipe organ and altosax

Another new project with pipe organ and altosax, special music written and played by two great musicians in their own field now coming together. Two musical disciplines melting in concert, starting the premiere at the November Musis festival at november 12 in 's-Hertogenbosch/NL. In the winter this year the duo will be touring and playing concerts in several beautiful churches in the Netherlands...

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    Future events

    1. Zuid Nederland Workshop Orkest (ZNWO) olv Jeroen Doomernik & Paul van Kemenade

      28 februari 2018 @ 20:00 - 22:30
    2. Zuid Nederland Workshop Orkest (ZNWO) olv Jeroen Doomernik & Paul van Kemenade

      12 maart 2018 @ 20:00 - 22:30
    3. Zuid Nederland Workshop Orkest (ZNWO) olv Jeroen Doomernik & Paul van Kemenade

      26 maart 2018


The website of Dutch alto saxophonist, composer, organizer and producer Paul van Kemenade (1957). On this website you can read all about the various ensembles and projects Van Kemenade is working with.  Watch up to date pictures as well as pictures from long time ago. Listen to a variety of music tracks, watch films and videos and order cd’s easily.  All information about tour schedules, international reviews, individual biographies and free downloads of several of Van Kemenade’s compositions. Contact us for information and bookings of the bands and projects which are available for concerts worldwide. Thank you for visiting my website!