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Three new cd's Van Kemenade december 2015, march 2016, may 2016.

Dedication from the Duo Stevko Busch - Paul van Kemenade has been released last december during the 23rd Stranger than Paranoia Festival. The cd A Kind Of...with Van Kemenade in different settings ( South Africans-Podium Trio-Palinckx-Leenaars-Anderson-Bennink-Glerum-Busch-Three Horns And A Bass) will be released in march 2016 and the third new cd Checking Out from Van Kemenade's international quartet with Ray Anderson-Han Bennink-Ernst Glerum will be released in may 2016.  

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Van Kemenade for concerts to Poland, China, Russia, South Africa and Switzerland. Jazzportrait Van Kemenade NPO Cultura TV 2015.

  Altoist and composer Paul van Kemenade is going with two of his bands (Three Horns And A Bass and Duo with Busch) to Poland, China, Russia, Johannesburg South Africa and Switzerland. There has been broadcasted a jazzportrait about Paul for NPO / Cultura TV in may 2015  and his quartet 'Three Horns And A Bas' performed in a TV show VPRO Vrije Geluiden.  

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'Jazzportretten' Bennink en Van Kemenade in Cinecitta i.c.m live concerten op 9 september. Bekendmaking programma 23e Stranger than Paranoia.

Onlangs zijn er door regisseur Jan Kelder (Uur van de Wolf) een serie jazzportretten van Nederlandse jazzmusici gemaakt en dit jaar uitgezonden op NTR Cultura TV. Twee van die jazzportretten worden nu op het grote doek in bioscoop Cinecitta vertoond en vooraf worden deze ingeluid door een mini duoconcert van beide heren. De Tilburgse altsaxofonist-componist en drijvende kracht achter Stranger than Paranoia in duo met meesterslagwerker en levende legende Han Bennink. Ook speelt Han solo en Paul met zijn groep Three Horns ...

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Last living legend Archie Shepp 3x at the 23rd Stranger than Paranoia Festival

The legendary Archie Shepp is playing two concerts with his quartet at the 23rd Stranger than Paranoia Festival in Tilburg and one concert in Amsterdam. December 27 & 29 Shepp will be playing at the Paradox in Tilburg and december 30 at the Bimhuis Amsterdam. A quote from the American magazine All About Jazz:  ‘If Trane is the father, Pharoah: the son, and Ayler: the holy ghost, Archie Shepp is the uncle that no one mentions’. This year the 23rd edition of the ...

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Podium Trio (2)

Podium Trio 30 year tour (Wierbos - Van Kemenade - Kuiper) special guests: Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Cornell Rochester (US)

The Podium started in 1985 when Jan Kuiper got the Podium Prijs in that year. He invited the former awardwinners Wierbos and Van Kemenade and the unorthodox setting of trombone - altosax - guitar was born.  From that time on, they did play hundreds of (inter)national concerts.  In the 90's the Podium Trio were joined lots of times by Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Cornell Rochester and performed reguarly with guests such as David Murray, George Lewis, Kelvyn Bell a.o. Now the Podium ...

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Tijdlijn / timeline Paul van Kemenade

Er is een tijdlijn gemaakt van Paul van Kemenade gemaakt met hoogtepunten uit zijn gehele carriere en deze tijdlijn is prachtig vorm gegeven door grafisch ontwerper Hans Lodewijkx.  A timeline with the highlights of the career of Van Kemenade has been made by graphic designer Hans Lodewijkx. The timeline start in 1974 and is clearly and beautifully shaped. There is a physical version as well as a digital version. If you're curious to see, click on read more ...

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SOUL'AFRIQUE; Van Kemenade-Faku-Mnisi-Mhlanga & band

Two new CD's Van Kemenade A Kind Of...with different settings... .and CD Duo Busch - Van Kemenade. Release december 2015 and march 2016

Last april at Jazzahead Bremen, a pre-release (ep) has been released from the Duo Busch - an Kemenade. In december during the 23rd edition of the festival Stranger than Paranoia, the complete CD from the duo will be released. Another new CD with Van Kemenade in different settings will be released earlier this year in december 2015 when he is back from China and Russia.  

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Van Kemenade (inter)national bands & projects for bookings worldwide.....

We offer bookings worldwide: Quartet Ray Anderson - Han Bennink - Ernst Glerum - Paul van Kemenade;  Duo Stevko Busch & Paul van Kemenade;  Three Horns and a Bass (Boudesteijn - Verploegen - Mahieu - Van Kemenade);  Soul'Afrique; van Kemenade Dutch quintet & South Africans Faku - Mnisi - Mhlanga;  Podium Trio (Wierbos - Van Kemenade - Kuiper);  Kaisei with Paul van Kemenade - Aki Takase - Han Bennink and more.....  Contact the office.  

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The website of Dutch alto saxophonist, composer, organizer and producer Paul van Kemenade (1957). On this website you can read all about the different ensembles, groups and projects Van Kemenade is working with.  Watch, up to date pictures as well as pictures from long time ago. Listen to a variety of music tracks, watch films and videos and order cd’s easily. All information about tour schedules, international reviews, individual biographies and free downloads of several of Van Kemenades’ compositions. Contact us for information and bookings of the bands and projects which are available for concerts worldwide.  Thank you for visiting my website!