Two new cds ‘evermove’ Duo Busch – Van Kemenade & cd ‘Mind the gap’  Van Kemenade in different settings….

Two new cds 'evermove' Duo Busch - Van Kemenade & cd 'Mind the gap' Van Kemenade in different settings....

At Jazzahead Bremen 24 - 26 april 2015 a pre-release (ep) 'evermove' will be released from the Duo Stevko Busch - Paul van Kemenade. In may a new cd 'Mind the gap' will be released with altoist Van Kemenade in different settings such as: Soul 'Afrique (his Dutch quintet +  South Africans Faku, Mnisi, Mhlanga), duo with Busch, Paul's Three Horns And A Bass (THAAB) and the Podium Trio.  

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new cd THAAB 'In a certain mood'

New cd 'Three Horns And A Bass' (THAAB) available here online.............

Van Kemenade' s quartet Three Horns And A Bass  with a brandnew CD  'In a certain mood'. Listen to small tracks and order easily online. 10 compositions written by Van Kemenade in an unorthodox setting played by THAAB (Angelo Verploegen (fluegel & trp), Louk Boudesteijn (trb), Wiro Mahieu (b) and Paul van Kemenade (as & compositions). In october and november this year THAAB is going on tour to China and Russia.  

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Meet us at Jazzahead Bremen stand 6F22 april 24-25-26, Van Kemenade (inter)national bands & projects for bookings worldwide…..

Meet us at Jazzahead Bremen stand 6F22 april 24-25-26, Van Kemenade (inter)national bands & projects for bookings worldwide.....

We offer bookings worldwide: Quartet Ray Anderson - Han Bennink - Ernst Glerum - Paul van Kemenade;  Duo Stevko Busch & Paul van Kemenade;  Three Horns and a Bass (Boudesteijn - Verploegen - Mahieu - Van Kemenade);  Soul'Afrique; van Kemenade Quintet & South African Faku - Mnisi - Mhlanga;  Podium Trio (Wierbos - Van Kemenade - Kuiper);  Kaisei with Paul van Kemenade - Aki Takase - Han Bennink.  Contact the office ……..  

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Paul van Kemenade

Van Kemenade Three Horns And A Bass for concerts to China and Russia + Duo Busch-Van Kemenade to Russia. Jazzportrait Van Kemenade NPO Cultura TV may 10.

Altoist / composer Paul van Kemenade is going to China and Russia for concerts from october 16 till november 18 this year 2015. More information will follow soon on this website. There has been an interview with Paul regarding a jazzportrait at NPO Cultura TV. This will be broadcasted at May 10th. Furthermore there will a TV recording from Paul's quartet Three Horns And A Bass for the music programme VPRO 'Vrije Geluiden' in february. This will be broadcasted sunday ...

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Podium Trio 30 years in 2015 (Wierbos – Van Kemenade – Kuiper)  ‘Boys of Pearl’

Podium Trio 30 years in 2015 (Wierbos - Van Kemenade - Kuiper) 'Boys of Pearl'

The Podium started in 1985 when Jan Kuiper got the Podium Prijs in that year. He invited the former awardwinners Wierbos and Van Kemenade and the unorthodox setting of trombone - altosax - guitar was born.  From that time on, they did play hundreds of (inter)national concerts.  In the 90's the Podium Trio were joined lots of times by Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Cornell Rochester and performed reguarly with guests such as David Murray, George Lewis, Kelvyn Bell a.o. Now the Podium ...

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