Compositions & sheetmusic

Compositions Paul van Kemenade written for different bands in various settings. Download some tunes for free, if you like!


1.  A tune for N. (duo Van Rossum/Van Kemenade (pi-alto-small settings)       A tune for N. (Es-Bes-C-F)

2. Take a break or two (quintet-rhytmsection-trb-altosax)

3. Three four five (different settings-Podium Trio) guit-trb-alto

4. Untitled

5. Walkman (rhytmsection-horns-Brabants Leerorkest)

6. Wals for everyone (rhytmsection-trp-alto)

7. Weird (quintet-bigger settings-Podium trio). Weird (Es-Bes-C-F)

8. Who the hell (different settings-Podium Trio). Who the hell (as-trb-Bes-C-F)

9. Wilhelmina (quintet)

10. 7/4 6/4 (pi-alto)

11. Another waltz (quintet)

12. Breaking Point

13. Call (quintet-South Africans-rhytmsection-guit-trb-trp-ten-alto), quintet-West Africans-2 vocals-Niko Langenhuijsen arr.for Dutch Metropole Orchestra)

14. Chip (Brabants Leerorkest) rhytmsection-6-7 horns.

15. Canon (BLO Brabants Leerorkest) rhytmsection-6-7 horns

16. Dark (rhytmsection-trp-alto)

17. Rubato (duo Van Rossum-Van Kemenade) pi-alto)

18. Difference between looking good and looking bad (quintet-arr-Brabants Leerorkest)

19. Distance (quintet)

20. Enchanté (quintet-4 horns)

21. For Murray (solo alto)

22. Fragile (quintet)

23. Hip (quintet)

24. Hot Koko (quintet-arr.big setting 6-7 horns)

25. Koraal (Brabants Leerorkest)

26. JointPoint (4 horns-guit.)

27. L.E. (solo alto)

28. L.S. Brabants Leerorkest-rhytmsection-6-7 horns

29. Missacity (quintet-ten-alto-trp-trb)

30. More Tunes (quintet-rhytmsection-4 horns)

31. P.S. (quintet)

32. September (quintet) and arr. Langenhuijsen for big band Contraband)

33. Shadow (rhytmsection-trp-alto)

34. Shuffle (for ‘the Band’ rhytmsection-trp-alto)-bigger settings

35. Silenzio (quintet-South Africans-rhytmsection-4 horns)

Silenzio (score alto-trp-tenor-trb-guit-pi-bass-drs )

36. Sof Story (big settings-rhytmsection-6-7 horns)

37. Somebody stole my hair (quintet-ten-trp-trb-trp)

38. Sorry, wrong number (rhytmsection-6-7 horns Brabants Leerorkest)

39. Stranger than Paranoia (quintet) Stranger than Paranoia (as)

Stranger than Paranoia (C chords-trb)

40. Strangers all over the place (quintet)

41. Mairobi (Podium Trio)

42. Romance

43. 6 delige suite (for the Brabants Leerorkest)

44. PUK (sextet-rhytmsection-3 horns)

45. Some Somebody (intro ‘Somebody stole my hair’ 4 horns-guit.)

46. Minimal Piece (3 horns-voices)

47. Intro

48. La Première Fois (sextet-rhytmsection-3 horns) and for Podium Trio / arr.’Van Doorn’ Trio with guit/voice/alto and in arr. Niko Langenhuijsen for Metropole Orchestra) La premiere fois (as)La premiere fois (C )

49. Wiegelied voor een balorige dertiger (part 1)

quintet-sextet rhytmsection-ten-alt-trb. and arr. extra horns incl. ‘special chorus’

50. Wiegelied voor een balorige dertiger (part 2)

51. Wiegelied voor een balorige dertiger (part 3)

52. Meer Vaart (PvK sextet-rhytmsection-3 horns)

53. de Zestientjes Ballade (sextet-quintet)

54. Groene Vrede (sextet)

55. Echt gezellig mag ’t niet worden (sextet-rhytmsection-3 horns)

56. Tomorrow maybe, baby ( rhytmsection-2 horns)

57. Cellissimo (cello-alto)

58. Mo’s Mood (part 1) (for quintet ) Mo’s Mood (as)  Mo’s Mood (trb)  Mo’s Mood (bass-guit-drs)

59. Mo’s Mood (part 2)

60. Mo’s Mood (part 3)

61. Twee Stranden (quintet)

62. Nameless

63. Return of the haemorrhoids (quintet-Podium Trio-Tacuma & Rochester)

64. The end of the year (quintet)

65. Lonely guy (bass-alto)

66. Just for the occasion (part 1) intro 4 horns

67. Just for the occasion (part 2) quintet-violin. Just for the occasion (as score)

68. Tenaga (bass-guit-key-drs-alto) popband

69. Water (different parts 6 x altosax-drs-bass-guit-trp-pc sampling)

70. Isn’t she beautiful 1 t/m 3 (quintet)

71. You better be wrong 1 + 2 (popband ‘The Wrong’ guit-drs-bass-voice-quintet)

72. Offside (quintet)

73.  Robbie part 1 (quintet)

74.  Robbie part 2  (quintet)

75.  Robbie part 3  (quintet

76. Niemandsland (quintet)

77. Het begint met een wind (‘de Orkaan’-rhytmsection-3 horns)

78. Noman’s Land (quintet)

79. Robbie part 1 (quintet-arr. Langenhuijsen for stringquartet-cajon-bass-altosax)

80. Robbie part 2 dito

81. Robbie part 3 dito

82. Wintertime (quintet)

83. Kwela Kweetnie (quintet-South Africans-rhytmsection-guit-4 horns)

84. Schone lucht (vocal-altosax)

85. Chipknip (quintet-South Africans-rhytmsection-4 horns)

86. Fornette (rhytmsection-trp-alto)

87. Fragmentology (rhytmsection-trp-alto)

88. Soul’Afrique (quintet/SA/arr. 5-6 horns). Soul’Afrique (Es-Bes-C-F)

89. Seventy Six Seventy Five

90. Freeze 1 (3 alto’s-flamenco guitar-quintet-SA and Jim McNeely arr.for Metropole Orchestra)

Freeze! (altosax score 3 altosaxes)Freeze! (Bes trp/ten),

Freeze! (C + Bass)Freeze! (trb part 1-2-chords),

Freeze! (score 3 voc.renaissance project Fantasy Colours),

Freeze! (3 x voc. 1+2+3 project Fantasy Colours)

91. Freeze 2 (dito)

92. Workshopping

93. Knip

94. Kosmo (quintet-quintet + SA-rhytmsection-guit-4 horns and in arr. Jim McNeely for Metropole Orchestra)

95. Tichawonana (quintet-SA-rhytmsection-guit-4 horns

96. Encore (quintet)

97. Mrs. Millenium (quintet-rhytmsection-trp-alto)

98. A night in Indonesia (quintet-arr.big setting 6-7 horns)

A night in Indonesia (score)   A night in Indonesia ( pi-bass-drs-guit)

A night in Indonesia (flugelhorn)

A night in Indonesia (trb)   A night in Indonesia (ten)

99. Bad News

100. More haste, less speed (quintet)

101. Coming up soon (quintet-keyb.)

102. Hyperlink

103. Sweet and Lucky (quintet-keyb.)

104. Not in time, Strangled by Strings (quintet)

105. Strangled by Strings (quintet-arr. Langenhuijsen for quintet + symphonic orchestra Brabants Orkest)

106. Werk in Uitvoering (quintet-keyb.-samples-voice-violin) i.o.v. festival Oorproeven

107. D’accord en Dakar (quintet)

108. Dark Lark (trio VanDoorn, guit-voice-alto (Dark)

109. First Time (guit-voice-alto (La Premiere Fois)

110. Fish Man Sea (guit-voice-alto (Freeze)

111. More Flow (guit-voice-alto (La Premiere Fois)

112. Vis Man Zee (guit-voice-alto (Freeze)

113. Finntasy (quintet-violin)  Finntasy (as +form)   Finntasy (tb-violin)   Finntasy (pi-bass-drs + form)

114. Hey Man (quintet-quintet +SA-rhytmsection-guit-4 horns)

115. Joyeux Noel (quintet-rhytmsection-4 horns)

116. All the Hey Man (quintet-violin & West Africans Les Freres Guisse-voc.)

117. First Finntasy (quintet-violin & Les Freres Guisse 3 x voice + guitars)

118. Second Call (quintet-violin & Les Freres Guisse-voc.)

119. See you in 15 minutes (pause tune) rhytmsection-4 horns (unfinished, mistakes in score, have to repair the song)

120. Joyeux Noël (quintet)

121. Finneman (quintet)

122. Tiptoe and Thunder (bass-guit-trb-alto) small settings, no drums, for Palinckx or Podium Trio)

123. Een frisse wind, A fresh fart (quintet)

124. Like a sfinx, Mr. Linx, the colour of your soul (quintet-quintet-David Linx voc.)

125. Pleased to meet you (again) (quintet-SA, rhytmsection-guit-4 horns- also in arr. Langenhuijsen for stringquartet-cajon-bass-alto)

126. The South African Connection (quintet-SA, rhytmsection-guit-4 horns)

127. Mexi Cosy (quintet-perc-guit-4 horns)

128. On the Loose (quintet)

129. Four on the Loose (quintet-trp-ten) (4 horns-rhytmsection)

130. JaJaJa…M (quintet-trp-ten.) (4 horns-rhytmsection)

131. JaJaJa..Mr.M (for Metropole Orchestra, in arr. Jim McNeely)

132. Violins against violence (for ‘Strings Get Wings’) stringquartet-cajon-bass-alto, arr. Langenhuijsen

133. Strings for Linx (for ‘Strings Get Wings’) stringquartet-cajon-bass-alto, arr. N.Langenhuijsen

134. No Way Station (part 1-2)  (quintet-trb-alto-drs-pi-bass-guit-flugelhorn  No Way Station (as)   No Way Station (trp)   No Way Station (tb)   No Way Station (guit)   No Way Station (pi-rhodes-ebass)

135. Bramen Plukken (pi-as)

Bramen Plukken (In the Busch) score as-pi

136. Latin doll ( rhythm section-trb-as-trp)

137. Two horns and a bass (trp-as-bass)

two horns and a bass (score)  two horns and a bass (C,Bes,Es)

138. Same two horns and the same bass (trp-as-ass)

Same two horns, same bass (score)-bass

139. Cool man, Coleman (trp-as-bass)

Cool man, Coleman (alto) – Cool man, Coleman (trp-bass-trb)

140. Six to four (rhythm section-trb-as-trp)

141. In a continental mood (trp-as-bass)

In a continental mood (score)

142. Tringtoon (trp-as-bass)

143. Goodbye & Welcome (pi-as-trp-trb)

144. Garden Jazz (quintet-trp-guit)

145. Altijd Herfst (quintet-trp-guit)

146. Always Autumn (quintet-trp-guit)

147. It still is (quintet-rhytmsection-trb-alto)

It still is (dat is het nog steeds) alto-trb-rhodes-ebass-drs

148. Dat is ’t nog steeds (quintet-rythmsection-trb-alto)

149. Straight and Stride (pi-as)  Straight and Stride (alto-pi)

150. Another Cool Man Coleman  (quintet-rythmsection-trb-alto)

151. Open Air (quintet-rythmsection-trb-alto)

152. Same two horns, same bass extended; quintet (rythmsection-trb-alto)

153. Stranger than Paranoia extended, (Quintet & Les Freres Guisse; rythmsection-trb/vi-alto-perc-2 guitar-2 vocals)

154. Two horns and a rhytmsection, (for quintet) rythmsection-trb-alto)

155. Fast walking (trb-alto-rhytmsection)

156. De Reiziger part 1 (cello-alto)

157. De Reiziger part 2 (cello-alto)

158. From Thembi to Tembisa (quintet-trp)

159. From Thembi to Tembisa (trb-alto-trp-bass)

160. Three horns and a bass (trb-alto-trp-bass)

161. Same three horns, same bass (trb-alto-trp-bass)

162. Lapstop (altosax-trombone-trumpet-double bass)

163. Three horns and a bass (alto-trb-flügel-double bass)

164. For Russia ( pi-as, with co-comp.Busch)

165. With Love (pi-as, with co-comp.Busch)

166. Contemplation 1 (pi-as, with co-comp.Busch)

167. Contemplation 2 (pi-as, with co-comp.Busch)

168. Contemplation 3 (pi-as, with co-comp.Busch)

169. Contemplation 4 (pi-as, with co-comp.Busch)

170. Contemplation 5 (pi-as, with co-comp.Busch)

171. Take it easy (altosax-trumpet-trombone-double bass)

172. Cool man, Coleman part 2 (bass-trb-alto-trp)

173. Fantasy Colours part 1 (bass-trb-alto-flügel-4 vocals renaissance-flamencoguit-perc)

174. It is never too late (cello-as)

175. Het is nooit te laat (cello-alto)

176. Of toch? (cello-alto)

177. Or is it? (cello-alto)

178. Another tune for N. (trb-guit-snaredrs-bass-alto)

179. Who is in charge? (trb-snaredrs-guit-bass-alto)

Who is in charge (altscore)   Who is in charge (alto-trb- bass-guit-drs)

180. Close Enough (trb-alto-bass-guit-snaredrs)

Close Enough (score alto-trb-bass-guit-drs)

181. Bramen plukken in the busch (pi-alto)

182. Ballad of the rising sun part 1 (trb-bass-alto-perc-vocal)

183. Ballad of the rising sun part 2 (trb-alto-2 drs-perc-e.bass-fender)

184. Ballad of the rising sun part 3 (trb-alto-fender-drs-ebass)

185. Ballad of the rising sun part 4 (trb-alto-drs-fender-ebass)

186. Ballad of the rising sun part 5 (trb-alto-double bass-perc-vocal)

187. Ballad of the rising sun part 6 (trb-alto-perc-fender-double bass-vocal)

188. Une couleur differente ( 4 x renaissance voc- alto-trb-flugel-bas -flamencoguit-perc)

189. Lullaby for a petulant guy (bass-alto-trp-flugel)

190. Mex (bass-alto-trp-flugel)

191. For Aki, For A.T. (pi-alto)

192. Kaisei Nari  drs-pi-alto)

193. Saxchip  (sax ensemble 8-9 horns-e.guit-rythmsection)

Saxchip (E flat instruments)    Saxchip (B flat instruments)

194. Weet je nog wel  (sax ensemble 8-9 horns-e.guitar/rythmsection)

Weet je nog wel (E flat instruments)  Weet je nog wel (B flat instruments)

195. SA for saxes (sax ensemble-e.guit-rythmsection)

196. Practise 01 ( sax ensemble-rhytmsection)

197. Practise 02 ( sax ensemble-rhytmsection)

198. Practise 03 (sax ensemble-rhytmsection)

199. Practise 04 ( sax ensemble-rhythmsection)

200. Picking Cranberries ( trp-alto-drs-pi)

201. Jazzper (alto-flügel-trb-double bass)

202. To the point (alto-muted trp- pi- drs)

203. Whats Appening  (alto-flügel-trb-double bass)

204. In a Russian Mood (alto-flügel-trb-double bass)

205. Mind the gap (alto-flügel-trb-double bass)

206. Last Call (as-flg-ten-trp-double bass-pi-rhodes-drs-voc-g)

207. The Big Defender (as-flg-ten-trp-double bass-pi-rhodes-drs-voc-g)

208. Smooth and Tender (as-flg-ten-trp-double bass-pi-rhodes-drs-voc-g)

209. The Musical Blender (as-flg-ten-trp-double bass-pi-rhodes-drs-voc-g)

210. In a certain mood (alto-flügel-trb-double bass)

211. Essen ist fertig (alto- flügel-trb-double bass)

212. Wiegelied (alt-flügel-trb-double bass)

213. Bären auf dem Weg (pi-alto)

214. Crawling  ( trb-alto-guit-drs)

215. Contemplation IX – for Paris (co-composer Busch, pi-as)

216. Contemplation X – for Paris (co-composer Busch, pi-as)

217. Contemplation XI – for Paris (co-composer Busch,pi-as)

218. Contemplation XII – for Paris (co-composer Busch, pi-as)

219. For Russia With Love 2.0 (co-composer Busch, pi-as)

220. One Note Caramba (solo alto

221. Broken Bones (pi-as)

222. Spaghetti Stress (alto-flugel-trb-double bass)

223. Lost Bones (alto-trb-drs-double bass)

224. Checking Out (alto-trb-drs-double bass)

225. Olekus (Oleekus) (alto-flamencoguitar-e.guitar)

226. Prime Time Serenade (pi-alto)

227. Gato (drs-alto)

228. Daytime Sketches ( drs-alt-piano/keyb.pc sampling)

229. Count Us In (drs-alto)

230. Drums Talks Sax Walks (drs-alto)

231. Hospel (keyb-alto)

232. Music in the Box (drs-pi-keyb-alto)

233. Prime Time Serenade, bonus (pi-alto)

234. Time is up (drs-alto)

235. Disturbed (Budha Building & Van Kemenade)

236. Infinity (Budha Building & Van Kemenade)

237. Empty Heart (Budha Building & Van Kemenade)

238. The Carpenter (Budha Building & Van Kemenade)

239. Stranger than Paranoia 3.0 ( alto-trombone-bass-flügel-percussion-fender-guitar-vocals)

240. Hymne just for now (altos-trombone-flügel-4x renaissance vocals)

241. My son K. (alto-trombone-flügel-bass-perc.)

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