Double Solo , new cd Busch-Van Kemenade & re-release Fugara (Stockhausen-Ounaskari-Busch-Van Kemenade) december 2019 27th Stranger than Paranoia festival

Double Solo is the new cd with the duo Stevko Busch (pi) - Paul van Kemenade (as). It will be released as 2 CD with a re-release of the quartet FUGARA with Markus Stockhausen (trp), Markku Ounaskari (drs), Busch & Van Kemenade at the 27th Stranger than Paranoia festival this year end december.    

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Budha Building & Van Kemenade 3

Also 2 new cd's Van Kemenade's Three Horns And A Bass and guests + cd Budha Building - Van Kemenade

Mrs. City will be the next new cd from Van Kemenade's quartet Three Horns And A Bass ( with Louk Boudesteijn-Angelo Verploegen-Wiro Mahieu). Also guestmusicians will appear on the album such as South African Andile Yenana, Kesivan Naidoo and Mandla Mlangeni...more guests t.b.a. Mrs. City will be released spring 2020.   Russian Roads is another new cd in duo with Budha Building a.k.a. Hans Timmermans & Paul van Kemenade. The electronic soundscapes/effects/grooves from Budha Building in combination with the Van ...

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Brandnew project with Majid Bekkas (MA) - Markku Ounaskari (FI) - Paul Van Kemenade (NL) - Stevko Busch (DE), on tour may 22 - june 01 2020

A new project with famous oud-guembri player/singer Majid Bekkas from Morocco, the Finnish drummer/percussionist Markku Ounaskari, German pianist Stevko Busch and Dutch altoist Van Kemenade in a new adventure touring next year 2020 between may 22 and june 01. Bookings are the office...   Majid Bekkas is inspired by the gnawa music, tradtional African- and jazzmusic, a mix between India and Africa, the East and the West. He also explored blues and soul and created the Gnaoua Blues Band, ...

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Paul van Kemenade (1) (photo Ton van Leeuwen)

More than 100 concerts/ activities for altoist-composer-organizer Van Kemenade in a busy year 2019!

A great year for Paul Van Kemenade......almost 100 concerts, 20 workshops for younger musicians, the 27th edition of the festival Stranger than Paranoia and a new CD with Busch - Van Kemenade end december 2019.  Concerts in the Netherlands, Belgian, Germany, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Russia and Brazil. See the agenda / calendar on the website for more info...and updates...

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Zuid Nederlands Workshop Orkest (ZNWO) zeer succesvol van start in januari 2018 tm juni 2019. ZNWO 2.0 verder vanaf september 2019 tm juni 2020.

Januari 2018 was de kick-off van een nieuw Van Kemenade initiatief ; een nieuw op te richten workshoporkest voor jonge musici tussen 15 en 25 jaar onder de naam Zuid Nederlands Workshop Orkest (ZNWO). Onder de  bezielende leiding van maar liefst twee zeer ervaren musici en workshop-leiders Jeroen Doomernik uit Den Bosch (Jazz Academy) en de Tilburgse altist Paul van Kemenade (Brabants Leerorkest) vinden er tot zomer 2018 workshops plaats in muziekpodium Paradox Tilburg.   Vanaf september 2018 gaan we verder op de maandagen ...

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(LR) Paul-van-Kemenade-International-Quartet.-Foto-Gemma-Kessels JAZZNU.COM

Van Kemenade (inter)national bands & projects for bookings worldwide.

We offer our bands and projects worldwide: Anderson-Bennink-Glerum-Van Kemenade; in duo/trio with Mariá Portugal-Jasper van 't Hof; duo Stevko Busch-Van Kemenade; duo Budha Building-Van Kemenade; Three Horns and a Bass; South African/Dutch new collaboration with Mlangeni-Moholo-Van Kemenade; new project Bekkas-Ounaskari-Van Kemenade-Busch; Hammond Sandwich; Podium Trio. Further more on request Paul van Kemenade 'classic' Quintet with Van Vliet-Van der Westen-Bast-Boudesteijn; Zuid Nederlands Workshop Orkest; Van Kemenade & Cappella Pratensis; workshops and masterclasses; duo Maurice Leenaars-Van Kemenade and more ...for bookings/info contact the ...

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time laatste (2)

Timeline / tijdlijn Paul van Kemenade

A timeline with the highlights of the career of Van Kemenade has been made by graphic designer Hans Lodewijkx. The timeline start in 1974 and is clearly and beautifully shaped. There is a physical version as well as a digital version. If you're curious to see, click on read more and the link Poster PvK_web timeline . Er is een tijdlijn gemaakt van Paul van Kemenade gemaakt met hoogtepunten uit zijn gehele carriere en deze tijdlijn is prachtig vorm ...

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    Future events

    1. De Stilte & Van Kemenade-Busch ‘Mankind’

      19 november 2019 @ 10:00 - 11:00
    2. Four Horns & A Piano Jasper van ’t Hof

      24 november 2019
    3. Zuid Nederlands Workshop Orkest

      25 november 2019 @ 19:30 - 22:00


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