22th Stranger Than Paranoia 24 – 29 december 2014

Since 1993 there is the Stranger than Paranoia festival, now again in three cities Tilburg, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Breda from from 24 th till 29 th of december 2014. One of the headliners will be one of the most prolific and unique musicians of Iberian jazz (Flamenco World) and one of Spain’s most innovative instrumentalists JORGE PARDO (best jazzmusician of the year 2013! and former member of the Paco de Lucias’ band).


Also a performance of ‘JASPERIENCE’ with four different artdisciplines come together: artpainter Rob van Trier, young talented artperformer Levi van Huygevoort create live on stage two paintings supported by poet Jasper Mikkers and altosaxophonist Paul van Kemenade on electronics, sometimes joined by video performer Marius Bruijn. A cross-over of a crazy combination of totally different artists. See the trailer.


More artists coming up soon!