El Periquin

El Periquín started playing flamenco at age 12 and became a much wanted flamenco guitarist, mainly through selfstudy. Late 80’s, he moved to Spain, where he was invited by Spanish flamenco master Manolo Sanlúcar to follow some masterclasses and he took lessons from Rafael Cañizares. He showed his talent in the world’s most famous dance academy “Amor de Dios”, where he worked with dance masters like Carmen Cortés, El Ciro, Joaquín Ruíz. With Andrés Marín.


El Periquín is one of Holland’s most famous flamenco artists and played almost every big venue in Holland. He toured all over Europe and Russia. In 1991 he won the Hans Snoeck award. His first album Sonakay contains all own compositions, inspired by his life in Spain. A great mixture of styles characterizes the second album Bajo el cielo, where he passionately playes with the art of his teacher, master Sanlúcar. Joan Albert Amargós, who as an arranger worked for the greats of the flamenco world, such as legendary singer Camarón de la Isla and Paco de Lucía, lent his hand arranging four pieces. The latest album of El Periquín Diálogos was released end 2007. On this album he worked with Carles Benavent, Tollak Ollestad and Martin Verdonk.


After a successful tour in the United States in 2010 with Juanito Pascual and Jose Moreno El Periquín plays now with renowned artists such as The Rosenberg Trio and Laura Fygi.