Fezile ‘Feya’ Faku

Trumpet & flügelhorn, composer, 1962 Port Elisabeth South Africa.


Born in New Brighton, a South African township in Port Elizabeth; which has made a title for itself as South Africa”s university of jazz, after producing some of the country” s jazz greats. He started playing without any formal training and received theory and practical lessons from various artists around Port Elizabeth. He later completed a Performers Diploma in Jazz Studies at the University of Natal. He has been associated with some of South Africa”s classic jazz musicians including Barney Rachabang, Thandie Klaasen and the late Duke Makasi and was the youngest member of the Winston ”Manunku” Ngozi Quintet. Feya also works a lot with Abdullah Ibrahim and recently completed the recording of a CD for the Mahube project – an interesting combination of African music. Feya”s involvement in Mahube and other project such as NU Connection, Jazz Counterculture and his current leadership of the Durban based quintet, The Core, is a demonstration of his dedication to Jazz as an evolving art form, based on the understanding and appreciation of its classic form. Feya sites South Africa”s “gentle genius” , Bheki Mseleku, as mentor and the spiritual influence of his career. Since 1994 Feya is working with the Paul van Kemenade Quintet.