Les Freres Guisse

The folkoric music of the three Senegalese brothers Djibi Guissé (guitar/vocals), Cheik Guissé (guitar/vocals) and Aliou Guissé ( djembé/ percussion) is based on different rhythms of the Toucouleur; (people living in the North of Senegal and Mauretania, also the home area of Baaba Maal). They are singing in different West African languages but mainly in their own pular ( peul), which is spoken in a lot of other West African countries.


The three brothers prefer saying that their music is universal for all ages and races, influenced by different musical directions but is strongly based on their own folkoric music. Since 1988 they have been playing in an acoustic setting and have created a unique and personal sound and nowadays they are very well known in Africa. Their songs call to mind the difficulties of daily life, youngsters’ problems. With two acoustic guitars and a djembé, the three Guissé brothers mesmerize all the audiences they meet with.