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Paul van Kemenade ‘classic’ Quintet ‘Last Call Concerts’ featuring: Jeroen van Vliet-Eric van der Westen-Pieter Bast-Louk Boudesteijn available may 15 till june 15 2024 and on request in october and december 2024.

The quintet was founded in 1989 and is playing its last concerts in 2024 (may-june-october-december) but also presenting new cd ‘LAST CALL’ . End of december 2024 at the 32nd Stranger than Paranoia festival,  CD will be released and lots of (inter)national musicians will appear … Read more

New cd Van Kemenade 2024: Last Call

New cd with Van Kemenade ‘classic’ Quintet & quartet Anderson-Bennink-Glerum-Van Kemenade. The 27th cd ‘LAST CALL’  under own name and label KEMO,  will be released at the end of 2024.