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Art of Tolerance International Youth Orchestra

The foundation Paul van Kemenade initiated a new plan for an International youth orchestra for musicians between 15 and 25 years to meet, rehearse and play together in different countries for a week on a yearly base. Plan and purpose: to set up an international … Read more

Après-Covid tour: 15 dubbelconcerten in najaar 2021 en 2022

Een plan met 15 dubbelconcerten georganiseerd in de kleinere theaters die het moeilijk hebben als gevolg van de COVID-19 pandemie. Après-Covid is bedoeld ter ondersteuning concerten te realiseren in Noord-Brabant vanaf oktober 2021 t/m eind 2022 i.s.m. de stichting Van Kemenade. Vijf dubbelcon- certen in … Read more

Art of Tolerance International Youth Orchestra…in the making!

There is a plan of starting up an international youth orchestra : The Art Of Tolerance Youth Orchestra ( for international musicians between 15 and 25 years ). The idea is for professional musci students from different countries to come together for 10 days. Each … Read more