Budha Building & Paul van Kemenade, Russian Roads


Year: 2020 (may)
Budha Building a.k.a. Hans Timmermans (electronics / pc sampling) & Paul van Kemenade (altosax)


jazznu.com ( NL may 2011)

Paul van Kemenade reikt naar weer nieuwe vergezichten


jazznu.com (NL july 2020)

Van Kemenade en Budha Building tonen ware magie


DMG NY (USA, july 2020)                                                                                                               (Kemo 025; Netherlands) Featuring Paul Van Kemenade on alto sax and Budha Building a/k/a Hans Timmermans on live electronics & audio manipulation. Dutch saxist Paul Van Kemenade runs his own Kemo label and has been sending us CD’s for the past few years. Each disc has different personnel and a different concept. Everything I’ve heard so far (perhaps 10 discs) has been impressive in different ways. On this disc, Van Kemenade works with someone named Budha Building (a/k/a Hans Timmermans) who plays electronics and manipulates sound. I hadn’t heard much from Mr. Timmermans before now although he does appear on a disc called, ‘Anthology of Dutch Electronic Music – 1999-2010’. Mr. Timmermans creates beats or grooves for the opening song, “Koersk”, it sounds like an ancient drum machine with some somber background synth swirling underneath. The sampled pattern sounds like a small toy box or perhaps a glockenspiel, rather charming with Van Kemenade’s lovely, bittersweet alto sax floating on top. It sounds as if Van Kemenade sax is triggering the sounds that are accompanying it. On each piece, Mr. Timmermans samples a charming groove-oriented sound so that Mr. Kemenade can a series of strong, spirited solos, rarely too far out but still engaging nonetheless. The overall vibe here remains haunting, thoughtful and calm at the center. Perfect music to drift away to. – Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG