Stranger than Paranoia (CD)…altoist Paul van Kemenade with…


Year: 2018 (december)
Cappella Pratensis 4, Eric Vaarzon Morel, Jasper van 't Hof, Three Horns And A Bas 4, Simone Sou, Mariá Portugal, Wiro Mahieu, Eric van der Westen, Budha Building a.k.a Hans Timmermans, Hammond Sandwich 5


DMG NY (USA, july 2020) PAUL VAN KEMENADE with JASPER VAN’T HOF / THREE HORNS AND A BASS / BUDHA BUILDING / et al – Stranger then Paranoia (Kemo 022; Netherlands) Featuring Paul van Kemenade – alto sax with Three Horns and a Bass: Louk Boudestejin – trombone, Angelo Verploegen – flugelhorn, Eric Vaaron Morel- flamenco guitar, Wiro Mahieu – double bass plus Jasper van’t Hof – piano, Maria Portugal – drums, Budha Building on electronics & manipulations and another project called Hammond Sandwich.

Dutch saxist Paul van Kemenade is most ambitious and has released some two dozen discs on his own Kemo label. Each of the nine pieces here match Mr. Van Kemenade with a different duos or small ensembles, with just two repeated units. It is Mr. van Kemenade’s soulful, striking, bittersweet alto sax tone that is at the center of each piece, always bringing things up another notch. The duos are all strong and distinct, with legendary pianist Jasper Van’t Hof (once of Euro fusion bands Pork Pie & Association P.C. plus work with Greete Bijma & Manfred Schoof), drummer Maria Portugal and Budha Building (a/k/a Hans Timmermans) on electronics. The group, Three Horns and a Bass, is especially laid back and most enchanting. I hadn’t heard of members of the Three Horns or their bassist, but I am most impressed by their quaint, sublime sound. They remind me of that Brazilian/jazz/pop sound that was popular in the mid 1860’s yet without any of the commercial syrup. If they have their record out, I will have to find it. There are some unexpected delights found throughout this disc like the playing of Flamenco guitarist, Eric Vaarzin Morel on the opening track, the Cappella Pratensis vocal ensemble on two tracks, bowed contrabass great Wiro Mahiue on “Shout, Sh*t and Sing” and the ethnic hand percussion of Simone Sou on several pieces. Mr. Van Kemenade occasionally lets out those striking blasts but does so on rare occasions, knowing when to lay back and be lyrical in some more reflective moments. Van Kemenade also gets to stretch out with an older sounding  organ unit called, Hammond Sandwich. The duo with Van Kemenade and Budha Building (a/k/a Hans Timmermans) on electronics is slow, spacious and most haunting. I found this disc to be consistently enchanting, reminding me of being outside in the heat, softly swinging on a hammock and sipping on a daiquiri or tequila sunrise or something bitter sweet to wet (y)our whistle. – Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG


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