Compositions & sheetmusic

Compositions Van Kemenade for different bands in various settings. Download some for free if you like!

275. Gato ( quartet + quintet) alto-trb-bass-drs (pi)

274. Melancholy in Opglabbeek (piano-alto) + (quartet and quintet)

273. Particles 4 Density (electronics-altosax) i.c.w. co-composer Hans Timmermans)

272. Particles 3 Volume (electronics-altosax) i.c.w. co-composer Hans Timmermans)

271. Particles 2 Motion (electronics-altosax) i.c.w. co-composer Hans Timmermans)

270. Particles 1 Mass (electronics-altosax) i.c.w. co-composer Hans Timmermans)

269. Voor ’n prikkie (THAAB, flügel-trombone-double bass-altosax)

268. Weemoedig in Opglabbeek (altosax-piano)

267. Other Times Are Dawning (altosax-piano)

266. Lockdown The End (bass-pi-drs-alto-trb)

265. Lockdown Knockdown part 2 (bass-pi-drs-alto-trb)

264. Lockdown Knockdown part 1 (bass-pi-drs-alto-trb)

263. Music In The Box part 2 (bass-pi-drs-alto-trb)

262. De Gang Van De Mol (piano-alto)

261. En outre (bass-pi-drs-alto-trb)

260. Mrs.City (THAAB,alto-trombone-flügel-double bass)

259. Курск-Koersk  (electronics-as) icw. co-composer Hans Timmermans

258. Липецк-Lipetsk (electronics-as) icw. co-composer Hans Timmermans

257. Воронеж-Voronez (electronics-as) icw. co-composer Hans Timmermans

256. Орёл-Orjol  (electronics-as) icw. co-composer Hans Timmermans

255. Белгород-Belgorod (electronics-as) icw. co-composer Hans Timmermans

254. One Horn-One Piano (pi-as)

253. Double Solo #1 (pi-as) Busch

252. Double Solo #3 (pi-as) Busch

251. Double Solo #2 (pi-as) Busch

250. Double Solo #4 (pi-as) Busch

249. We Meet Again (THAAB, alto-flügel-trpmbone-double bass)

248. Mister Fingers (THAAB, flügel-alto-trombone-double bass)

247. Encore Song (alto-trb-bass-drs)

246. Kwela Don’t Know (alto-trb-bass-drs)

245. Rollercoaster ( alto-trb-bass-drs)

244. Shout, Shit and Sing (alto-bass-4x renaissance vocals for Cappella Pratensis)

243. Hymne for all who it may concern (alto-trb-flg-bass-4x renaissance voc.)

242. The Black Cocketoo (drums-altosax)

241. My son K. (alto-trombone-flügel-bass-perc.)

240. Hymne just for now (altos-trombone-flügel-4x renaissance vocals)

239. Stranger than Paranoia (extended: as-trb-b-flg-perc-flamencoguitar)

238. The Carpenter (electronics/pc-altosax) with co-comp. Budha Building

237. Empty Heart (electronics/pc-altosax) with co-comp. Budha Building

236. Infinity (electronics/pc-altosax) with co-comp. Budha Building

235. Disturbed (electronics/pc-altosax) with co-comp. Budha Building

234. Time is up (drs-alto)

233. Prime Time Serenade, bonus (pi-alto)

232. Music in the Box (drs-pi/keyb-alto)

231. Hospel (keyb-alto)

230. Drums Talks Sax Walks (drs-alto)

229. Count Us In (drs-alto)

228. Daytime Sketches ( drs-alt-piano/keyb.pc sampling)

227. Gato (drs-alto)

226. Prime Time Serenade (pi-alto)

225. Olekus (Oleekus) (alto-flamencoguitar-e.guitar)

224. Checking Out (alto-trb-drs-double bass)

223. Lost Bones (alto-trb-drs-double bass)

222. Spaghetti Stress (alto-flugel-trb-double bass)

221. Broken Bones (pi-as)

220. One Note Caramba (solo alto

219. For Russia With Love 2.0 (co-composer Busch, pi-as)

218. Contemplation XII – for Paris (co-composer Busch, pi-as)

217. Contemplation XI – for Paris (co-composer Busch,pi-as)

216. Contemplation X – for Paris (co-composer Busch, pi-as)

215. Contemplation IX – for Paris (co-composer Busch, pi-as)

214. Crawling  ( trb-alto-guit-drs)

213. Bären auf dem Weg (pi-alto)

212. Wiegelied (alt-flügel-trb-double bass)

211. Essen ist fertig (alto- flügel-trb-double bass)

210. In a certain mood (alto-flügel-trb-double bass)

209. The Musical Blender (as-flg-ten-trp-double bass-pi-rhodes-drs-voc-g)

208. Smooth and Tender (as-flg-ten-trp-double bass-pi-rhodes-drs-voc-g)

207. The Big Defender

206. Last Call (as-flg-ten-trp-double bass-pi-rhodes-drs-voc-g)

205. Mind the gap (alto-flügel-trb-double bass)

204. In a Russian Mood (alto-flügel-trb-double bass)

203. Whats Appening  (alto-flügel-trb-double bass)

202. To the point (alto-muted trp- pi- drs)

201. Jazzper (alto-flügel-trb-double bass)

200. Picking Cranberries ( trp-alto-drs-pi)

199. Practise 04 ( sax ensemble-rhythmsection)

198. Practise 03 (sax ensemble-rhytmsection)

197. Practise 02 ( sax ensemble-rhytmsection)

196. Practise 01 ( sax ensemble-rhytmsection)

195. SA for saxes (sax ensemble-e.guit-rythmsection)

194. Weet je nog wel  (sax ensemble 8-9 horns-e.guitar/rythmsection)

Weet je nog wel (E flat instruments)  Weet je nog wel (B flat instruments)

193. Saxchip  (sax ensemble 8-9 horns-e.guit-rythmsection)

Saxchip (E flat instruments)    Saxchip (B flat instruments)

192. Kaisei Nari  drs-pi-alto)

191. For Aki, For A.T. (pi-alto)

190. Mex (bass-alto-trp-flugel)

189. Lullaby for a petulant guy (bass-alto-trp-flugel)

188. Une couleur differente ( 4 x renaissance voc- alto-trb-flugel-bas -flamencoguit-perc)

187. Ballad of the rising sun part 6 (trb-alto-perc-fender-double bass-vocal)

186. Ballad of the rising sun part 5 (trb-alto-double bass-perc-vocal)

185. Ballad of the rising sun part 4 (trb-alto-drs-fender-ebass)

184. Ballad of the rising sun part 3 (trb-alto-fender-drs-ebass)

183. Ballad of the rising sun part 2 (trb-alto-2 drs-perc-e.bass-fender)

182. Ballad of the rising sun part 1 (trb-bass-alto-perc-vocal)

181. Bramen plukken in the busch (pi-alto)

180. Close Enough (trb-alto-bass-guit-snaredrs)

Close Enough (score alto-trb-bass-guit-drs)

179. Who is in charge? (trb-snaredrs-guit-bass-alto)

Who is in charge (altscore)   Who is in charge (alto-trb- bass-guit-drs)

178. Another tune for N. (trb-guit-snaredrs-bass-alto)

177. Or is it? (cello-alto)

176. Of toch? (cello-alto)

175. Het is nooit te laat (cello-alto)

174. It is never too late (cello-as)

173. Fantasy Colours part 1 (bass-trb-alto-flügel-4 vocals renaissance-flamencoguit-perc)

172. Cool man, Coleman part 2 (bass-trb-alto-trp)

171. Take it easy (altosax-trumpet-trombone-double bass)

170. Contemplation 5 (pi-as, with co-comp.Busch)

169. Contemplation 4 (pi-as, with co-comp.Busch)

168. Contemplation 3 (pi-as, with co-comp.Busch)

167. Contemplation 2 (pi-as, with co-comp.Busch)

166. Contemplation 1 (pi-as, with co-comp.Busch)

165. With Love (pi-as, with co-comp.Busch)

164. For Russia ( pi-as, with co-comp.Busch)

163. Three horns and a bass (alto-trb-flügel-double bass)

162. Lapstop (altosax-trombone-trumpet-double bass)

161. Same three horns, same bass (trb-alto-trp-bass)

160. Three horns and a bass (trb-alto-trp-bass)

159. From Thembi to Tembisa (trb-alto-trp-bass)

158. From Thembi to Tembisa (quintet-trp)

157. De Reiziger part 2 (cello-alto)

156. De Reiziger part 1 (cello-alto)

155. Fast walking (trb-alto-rhytmsection)

154. Two horns and a rhytmsection, (for quintet) rythmsection-trb-alto)

153. Stranger than Paranoia extended, (Quintet & Les Freres Guisse; rythmsection-trb/vi-alto-perc-2 guitar-2 vocals)

152. Same two horns, same bass extended; quintet (rythmsection-trb-alto)

151. Open Air (quintet-rythmsection-trb-alto)

150. Another Cool Man Coleman  (quintet-rythmsection-trb-alto)

149. Straight and Stride (pi-as)  Straight and Stride (alto-pi)

148. Dat is ’t nog steeds (quintet-rythmsection-trb-alto)

147. It still is (quintet-rhytmsection-trb-alto)

It still is (dat is het nog steeds) alto-trb-rhodes-ebass-drs

146. Always Autumn (quintet-trp-guit)

145. Altijd Herfst (quintet-trp-guit)

144. Garden Jazz (quintet-trp-guit)

143. Goodbye & Welcome (pi-as-trp-trb)

142. Tringtoon (trp-as-bass)

141. In a continental mood (trp-as-bass)

In a continental mood (score)

140. Six to four (rhythm section-trb-as-trp)

139. Cool man, Coleman (trp-as-bass)

Cool man, Coleman (alto) – Cool man, Coleman (trp-bass-trb)

138. Same two horns and the same bass (trp-as-ass)

Same two horns, same bass (score)-bass

137. Two horns and a bass (trp-as-bass)

two horns and a bass (score)  two horns and a bass (C,Bes,Es)

136. Latin doll ( rhythm section-trb-as-trp)

135. Bramen Plukken (pi-as)

134. No Way Station (part 1-2)  (quintet-trb-alto-drs-pi-bass-guit-flugelhorn  No Way Station (as)   No Way Station (trp)   No Way Station (tb)   No Way Station (guit)   No Way Station (pi-rhodes-ebass)

133. Strings for Linx (for ‘Strings Get Wings’) stringquartet-cajon-bass-alto, arr. N.Langenhuijsen

132. Violins against violence (for ‘Strings Get Wings’) stringquartet-cajon-bass-alto, arr. Langenhuijsen

131. JaJaJa..Mr.M (for Metropole Orchestra, in arr. Jim McNeely)

130. JaJaJa…M (quintet-trp-ten.) (4 horns-rhytmsection)

129. Four on the Loose (quintet-trp-ten) (4 horns-rhytmsection)

128. On the Loose (quintet)

127. Mexi Cosy (quintet-perc-guit-4 horns)

126. The South African Connection (quintet-SA, rhytmsection-guit-4 horns)

125. Pleased to meet you (again) (quintet-SA, rhytmsection-guit-4 horns- also in arr. Langenhuijsen for stringquartet-cajon-bass-alto)

124. Like a sfinx, Mr. Linx, the colour of your soul (quintet-quintet-David Linx voc.)

123. Een frisse wind, A fresh fart (quintet)

122. Tiptoe and Thunder (bass-guit-trb-alto) small settings, no drums, for Palinckx or Podium Trio)

121. Finneman (quintet)

120. Joyeux Noël (quintet)

119. See you in 15 minutes (pause tune) rhytmsection-4 horns (unfinished, mistakes in score, have to repair the song)

118. Second Call (quintet-violin & Les Freres Guisse-voc.)

117. First Finntasy (quintet-violin & Les Freres Guisse 3 x voice + guitars)

116. All the Hey Man (quintet-violin & West Africans Les Freres Guisse-voc.)

115. Joyeux Noel (quintet-rhytmsection-4 horns)

114. Hey Man (quintet-quintet +SA-rhytmsection-guit-4 horns)

113. Finntasy (quintet-violin)  Finntasy (as +form)   Finntasy (tb-violin)   Finntasy (pi-bass-drs + form)

112. Vis Man Zee (guit-voice-alto (Freeze)

111. More Flow (guit-voice-alto (La Premiere Fois)

110. Fish Man Sea (guit-voice-alto (Freeze)

109. First Time (guit-voice-alto (La Premiere Fois)

108. Dark Lark (trio VanDoorn, guit-voice-alto (Dark)

107. D’accord en Dakar (quintet)

106. Werk in Uitvoering (quintet-keyb.-samples-voice-violin) i.o.v. festival Oorproeven

105. Strangled by Strings (quintet-arr. Langenhuijsen for quintet + symphonic orchestra Brabants Orkest)

104. Not in time, Strangled by Strings (quintet)

103. Sweet and Lucky (quintet-keyb.)

102. Hyperlink

101. Coming up soon (quintet-keyb.)

100. More haste, less speed (quintet)

99. Bad News

98. A night in Indonesia (quintet-arr.big setting 6-7 horns)

A night in Indonesia (score)   A night in Indonesia ( pi-bass-drs-guit)

A night in Indonesia (flugelhorn)

A night in Indonesia (trb)   A night in Indonesia (ten)

97. Mrs. Millenium (quintet-rhytmsection-trp-alto)

96. Encore (quintet)

95. Tichawonana (quintet-SA-rhytmsection-guit-4 horns

94. Kosmo (quintet-quintet + SA-rhytmsection-guit-4 horns and in arr. Jim McNeely for Metropole Orchestra)

93. Knip

92. Workshopping

91. Freeze 2 (dito)

90. Freeze 1 (3 alto’s-flamenco guitar-quintet-SA and Jim McNeely arr.for Metropole Orchestra)

Freeze! (altosax score 3 altosaxes)Freeze! (Bes trp/ten),

Freeze! (C + Bass)Freeze! (trb part 1-2-chords),

Freeze! (score 3 voc.renaissance project Fantasy Colours),

Freeze! (3 x voc. 1+2+3 project Fantasy Colours)

89. Seventy Six Seventy Five

88. Soul’Afrique (quintet/SA/arr. 5-6 horns). Soul’Afrique (Es-Bes-C-F)

87. Fragmentology (rhytmsection-trp-alto)

86. Fornette (rhytmsection-trp-alto)

85. Chipknip (quintet-South Africans-rhytmsection-4 horns)

84. Schone lucht (vocal-altosax)

83. Kwela Kweetnie (quintet-South Africans-rhytmsection-guit-4 horns)

82. Wintertime (quintet)

81. Robbie part 3 dito

80. Robbie part 2 dito

79. Robbie part 1 (quintet-arr. Langenhuijsen for stringquartet-cajon-bass-altosax)

78. Noman’s Land (quintet)

77. Het begint met een wind (‘de Orkaan’-rhytmsection-3 horns)

76. Niemandsland (quintet)

75.  Robbie part 3  (quintet

74.  Robbie part 2  (quintet)

73.  Robbie part 1 (quintet)

72. Offside (quintet)

71. You better be wrong 1 + 2 (popband ‘The Wrong’ guit-drs-bass-voice-quintet)

70. Isn’t she beautiful 1 t/m 3 (quintet)

69. Water (different parts 6 x altosax-drs-bass-guit-trp-pc sampling)

68. Tenaga (bass-guit-key-drs-alto) popband

67. Just for the occasion (part 2) quintet-violin. Just for the occasion (as score)

66. Just for the occasion (part 1) intro 4 horns

65. Lonely guy (bass-alto)

64. The end of the year (quintet)

63. Return of the haemorrhoids (quintet-Podium Trio-Tacuma & Rochester)

62. Nameless

61. Twee Stranden (quintet)

60. Mo’s Mood (part 3)

59. Mo’s Mood (part 2)

58. Mo’s Mood (part 1) (for quintet ) Mo’s Mood (as)  Mo’s Mood (trb)  Mo’s Mood (bass-guit-drs)

57. Cellissimo (cello-alto)

56. Tomorrow maybe, baby ( rhytmsection-2 horns)

55. Echt gezellig mag ’t niet worden (sextet-rhytmsection-3 horns)

54. Groene Vrede (sextet)

53. de Zestientjes Ballade (sextet-quintet)

52. Meer Vaart (PvK sextet-rhytmsection-3 horns)

51. Wiegelied voor een balorige dertiger (part 3)

50. Wiegelied voor een balorige dertiger (part 2)

49. Wiegelied voor een balorige dertiger (part 1)

quintet-sextet rhytmsection-ten-alt-trb. and arr. extra horns incl. ‘special chorus’

48. La Première Fois (sextet-rhytmsection-3 horns) and for Podium Trio / arr.’Van Doorn’ Trio with guit/voice/alto and in arr. Niko Langenhuijsen for Metropole Orchestra) La premiere fois (as)La premiere fois (C )

47. Intro

46. Minimal Piece (3 horns-voices)

45. Some Somebody (intro ‘Somebody stole my hair’ 4 horns-guit.)

44. PUK (sextet-rhytmsection-3 horns)

43. 6 delige suite (for the Brabants Leerorkest)

42. Romance

41. Mairobi (Podium Trio)

40. Strangers all over the place (quintet)

39. Stranger than Paranoia (quintet) Stranger than Paranoia (as)

38. Sorry, wrong number (rhytmsection-6-7 horns Brabants Leerorkest)

37. Somebody stole my hair (quintet-ten-trp-trb-trp)

36. Sof Story (big settings-rhytmsection-6-7 horns)

35. Silenzio (quintet-South Africans-rhytmsection-4 horns)

Silenzio (score alto-trp-tenor-trb-guit-pi-bass-drs )

34. Shuffle (for ’the Band’ rhytmsection-trp-alto)-bigger settings

33. Shadow (rhytmsection-trp-alto)

32. September (quintet) and arr. Langenhuijsen for big band Contraband)

31. P.S. (quintet)

30. More Tunes (quintet-rhytmsection-4 horns)

29. Missacity (quintet-ten-alto-trp-trb)

28. L.S. Brabants Leerorkest-rhytmsection-6-7 horns

27. L.E. (solo alto)

26. JointPoint (4 horns-guit.)

25. Koraal (Brabants Leerorkest)

24. Hot Koko (quintet-arr.big setting 6-7 horns)

23. Hip (quintet)

22. Fragile (quintet)

21. For Murray (solo alto)

20. Enchanté (quintet-4 horns)

19. Distance (quintet)

18. Difference between looking good and looking bad (quintet-arr-Brabants Leerorkest)

17. Rubato (duo Van Rossum-Van Kemenade) pi-alto)

16. Dark (rhytmsection-trp-alto)

15. Canon (BLO Brabants Leerorkest) rhytmsection-6-7 horns

14. Chip (Brabants Leerorkest) rhytmsection-6-7 horns.

13. Call (quintet-South Africans-rhytmsection-guit-trb-trp-ten-alto), quintet-West Africans-2 vocals-Niko Langenhuijsen arr.for Dutch Metropole Orchestra)

12. Breaking Point

11. Another waltz (quintet)

10. 7/4 6/4 (pi-alto)

9. Wilhelmina (quintet)

8. Who the hell (different settings-Podium Trio). Who the hell (as-trb-Bes-C-F)

7. Weird (quintet-bigger settings-Podium trio). Weird (Es-Bes-C-F)

6. Wals for everyone (rhytmsection-trp-alto)

5. Walkman (rhytmsection-horns-Brabants Leerorkest)

4. Untitled

3. Three four five (different settings-Podium Trio) guit-trb-alto

2. Take a break or two (quintet-rhytmsection-trb-altosax)

1.  A tune for N. (duo Van Rossum/Van Kemenade (pi-alto-small settings)       A tune for N. (Es-Bes-C-F)