# Budha Building-Paul Van Kemenade

Budha Building – music/code/visuals, Paul Van Kemenade –  altosax.  New CD: Russian Roads (april 2020); CD/LP: Stranger than Paranoia (dec.2018); EP: Disturbed (2018). 


This is the first collaboration between altoist Paul van Kemenade and multi-instrumentalist Budha Building. He is the brainchild of talented artist Hans Timmermans (1968) – a visionary creative who has spent the last 25 years creating edgy and diverse music with a truly unique feel. Budha Building is all about creating music that feels engaging and multi-dimensional. He worked for international companies as Discovery Channel, VH1, FIFA, HBO and National Geographic.


Altoist Paul Van Kemenade (1957) is known for his collaborations with diverse musical disciplines and cultures. He played with all kind of musicians like renaissance singers, African- Brazilian- and Moroccan musicians, with string quartets, flamenco guitarists and more. Performed with a.o Ray Anderson, David Murray, Han Bennink, Markus Stockhausen; he is initiator of the festival Stranger than Paranoia (since 1993). Recieved  in 1999 a lifetime achievement award (Boy Edgar Prijs),a Royal decoration in 2007 and receives in june 2020 the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Prijs Noord-Brabant.


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