~ Van Kemenade invites…

Paul van Kemenade invites… three or four evenings each year Van Kemenade invites (inter)national professional musicians but also young talented Dutch musicians to play for several try-outs at the Paradox jazzclub Tilburg, his home-town. See the calendar/agenda for up to date concerts……….


In the past several years guests were invited such as Eric Vloeimans, Michiel Braam, Wilbert De Joode, Michael Vatcher, Markus Stockhausen, Markku Ounaskari, Han Bennink, Aki Takase, Stevko Busch, Eckard Koltermann, Achim Krämer, Eric Boeren, Ut Unum Sint, Greetje Bijma, Mary Oliver, Nora Mulder but also the next young generation musicians such as Prashant Samlal, Jesse Schilderink, Jens Meijer, Sanne Rambags and many others………….