Majid Bekkas (MA) – Markku Ounaskari (FI) – Paul Van Kemenade (NL) – Stevko Busch (DE) december concerts cancelled due to corona, new tour in fall 2021. Bookings open!!

The new project with famous oud-guembri player/singer Majid Bekkas from Morocco, the Finnish drummer/percussionist Markku Ounaskari, German pianist Stevko Busch and Dutch altoist Van Kemenade in a new adventure should be touring may 22 and june 01 2020. This has been cancelled due to corona. Some concerts are postponed and will be played in december 2020. Also due to corona in december has been cancelled, now new tour in fall 2021. Bookings are open… the office…


Majid Bekkas is inspired by the gnawa music, tradtional African- and jazzmusic, a mix between India and Africa, the East and the West. He also explored blues and soul and created the Gnaoua Blues Band, splitting his time between compositions, recordings and touring. He took part in many international festivals and performed with musicians such as Archie Shepp, Joachim Kühn and Klaus Doldinger.


Finnish drummer/percussionist Markku Ounaskari is known for his melodic approach of the instrument and is one the most well-known and finest Finnish musicians. He played with lost of international players (Thomas Stanko, Lee Konitz).


Dutch altosaxophonist Paul Van Kemenade is known for his collaborations with total different musical disciplines and cultures. He played with Ray Anderson, David Murray, Han Bennink Markus Stockhausen, Metropole Orchestra, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, and many many others. Recorded 60 cd’s, wrote almost 250 compositions and did recieve in 1999 a lifetime achievement award (Boy Edgar Prijs) and a Royal decoration in 2007.


German pianist Stevko Busch (1966) has formed since 1995 a duet with the award-winning Dutch altosaxophonist Paul van Kemenade, with whom he released versions of a.o. Russian orthodox chants on several CD’s (Contemplation / Dedication / Fugara). His music spans a wide range of freely improvised music and compositions , sometimes with echoes of chamber music and instrumental tunes.



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