New cd STRANGER THAN PARANOIA of altosaxophonist-composer Van Kemenade playing in different settings has been released last december 2018 at the Stranger than Paranoia festival.

After the cd Daytime Sketches (may 2017) and Master of Lyric (october 2017), another new cd was released last december 2018. Van Kemenade is playing with different settings. The cd will also be released on vinyl and is entitled Stranger than Paranoia, named after a Van Kemenade composition and is also the name of a festival Stranger than Paranoia he is initiating already for 26 years.

Musiciens on the album are flamenco guitarist Eric Vaarzon Morel, piano maestro Jasper Van ’t Hof, Sao Paulo drummer Mariá Portugal, Sao Paulo percussionist Simone Sou, renaissance singers Cappella Pratensis, Van Kemenade’s quartet Three Horns And A Bass, Hans Timmermans alias Budha Building and Hammond Sandwich (Krijger-De Wijs-Strik-Doomernik-Van Kemenade)…..