Anderson-Bennink-Möbus-Glerum-Van Kemenade (international quintet)

rider & accommodation Anderson-Bennink-Möbus-Glerum-Van Kemenade.  

Total 6 persons ( 5 musicians + 1 roadmanager )


*One complete drumset incl. cymbals & stool incl. standing tomtom (NO hanging tomtom). The drumset must be build up completely before the soundcheck.!

*A double bass ( the instrument) + a bass amplifier

*Guitar amplifier: Fender Twin-Amp or Fender Concert  Amp or Marshall TSL 100 or Marshall 401 or Marshall 601

*One microphone for the trombone ( standing micro or a DPA clip)

*Phantom cable for the altosax ( brings his own DPA clip micro)

*One standing micro for announcement

*Four music stands

*Five monitors

*One small table for cd’s/flyers etc

*One soundengineer wanted

All equipment etc should be ready and build up before the soundcheck please


Position on stage:




Accommodation: Six single rooms in a **** hotel

* Dinner for six persons & local transport


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