# Fugara: Stockhausen-Ounaskari-Busch-Van Kemenade

Stageplan / Technical rider / accommodation


Markus Stockhausen – Markku Ounaskari – Stevko Busch – Paul van Kemenade (Germany-FL-NL)

Total four musicians + 1 roadmanager.


*Complete drumset + amplification.

*Grand piano tuned 441 hz + amplification.

*4 x monitor.s

*4 x speak micros.

*4x music stands.

*1 micro on stand.

*Cable for own clickmicro open trumpet.

*Cable for own clickmicro muted trumpet.

*Cable phantom for own DPA clickmicro altosax.

*One small table for cd’s etc.

*One soundengineer wanted.

All equipment should be ready and build up before the soundcheck.


Position on stage:

DRUMS             —             GRAND PIANO



Accommodation (when needed): Five single rooms in a ****hotel

Five x dinner + local transport (when needed).