Van Kemenade touring in fall/winter 2017, spring 2018 in Poland, China, Russia, Germany, Norway, West Africa, NL.

Quite a busy fall/winter 2017 and spring 2018 for Van Kemenade, he will be touring 3x in Poland this year ( summer and october); he is playing several concerts at the Jazz & World Music Festival in Nanjing China in october 2017; he will be playing 10 concerts in Russia at the Jazzprovince Jazzfestival in november 2017; concerts with a altosax/pipe organ at the November Music Festival; several Stranger than Paranoia concerts in december 2017; in january 2018 a tour with his quartet in NL, Norway and Germany; with his Three Horns And A Bass in Burkina Fasso, Ghana and Mali in april/may 2018 and a tour with Portugal-Van Kemenade-Van ’t Hof also in may 2018.