Maand: november 2019

27 december, 27e Stranger than Paranoia Paradox Tilburg: Busch-Van Kemenade, Stranger than Four Baritones, Beets Brothers 25 jaar, Peter Beets & Electric Band feat: Ruud Breuls

cd presentatie Stevko Busch (pi) – Paul van Kemenade (as); Stranger than Four Baritones met Jan Menu, Nils van Haften, Niels Bijl en Ties Mellema op baritonsaxen; Beets Brothers 25 jaar Electric Band feat: Ruud Breuls (trp) met Peter Beets(pi/rhodes/keys), Alexander Beets (sax), Marius Beets … Read more

Concerten in augustus: duo Van ’t Hof-Van Kemenade & duo Budha Building-Van Kemenade Tivoli Vredenburg 20 augustus, negen miniconcerten middag en avond! 15 augustus duo met Busch-Van Kemenade en Budha-Van Kemenade 20.30 en 22.00 uur Jazzwerkplaats Den Bosch.

Russian Roads is the new cd from duo Budha Building a.k.a. Hans Timmermans & Paul van Kemenade. The electronic soundscapes/effects/grooves from Budha Building in combination with the Van Kemenade’s typical alto sound. CD NOW available! Click HERE for the live stream double concert last may 22 … Read more