# Soul’Afrique: Van Kemenade Quintet & Faku-Mnisi-Mhlanga

Stageplan / Technical rider


Total eight musicians + 1 roadmanager.


*Complete and decent drumset + drumstool + amplification

(if necessary).

*Grand piano (tuned 441 hz) and highly recommended Fender Rhodes electric piano + amplification.

*1 x amplifier for electric bass or double bass.

*1 x amplifier for guitar. (directly in DI + cable)

*1 x vocal microphone on stand.

*1 x speaking microphone on stand.

*6  x monitor.

*6 x music stand.

*Cable with phantom for own DPA clip microphone trumpet/flügelhorn.

*Cable with phantom for own DPA clip microphone trombone.

*Cable with phantom for own DPA clip microphone altosax.

*Cable with phantom for own DPA clip microphone tenorsax.

*Small table for cd’s etc.

*PA system.


*Lighting technician. (if necessary).


Equipment in agreement with location / venue.  All equipment should be ready and build up when musicians arrive for the soundcheck time. If the room is small and acoustic, soundsystem and monitors can be partly adjusted.


Position on stage:  x = monitor



x                                               x                        x                            x


x                                                                        x






Accommodation (when needed): 

9 x single rooms in a ****hotel

9 x dinner + local transport (when needed).